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Quick Pic Bingo Range

dementia bingo game-dementia activity

We have had fantastic feedback on our Quick Pic Bingo range. Carers say these activities are an ideal activity resource for individuals with dementia and is a fantastic resource for people with Learning Difficulties, as each game lasts approximately 15 minutes making this activity both more manageable and achievable, the pictures are clear and easy to identify, […]

Puzzle Packs Getting Great Reviews

Our Puzzle Packs for Dementia,Alzheimer’s, Learning Difficulties and The Elderly are getting great reviews.We are being told from carers that they are finding that people of all levels are wanting to have a go, and are engaging with each other and the carers in this activity. https://www.sandhactivities.co.uk/product/quizzes-puzzles/activitypuzzle-selection-pack-1/