S&H Activities

S&H Activities was created after years of working in the care system and finding a lack of good quality person centred dementia activity products to keep clients occupied and active using as many of their senses as possible.

With so many people living with dementia and other disabilities we have a strong desire and aim to offer activities for as many people as possible to attain a better level of well being and quality of life.

We have developed, created and actively sourced products for people that are age appropriate, to give fulfilment in whichever activity, hobby or interest clients choose to do.

Our dementia activity products have been designed and created for use in the Home, Hospitals, Day centres and Care homes, to provide opportunities and enable relatives, staff and clients to come together through Meaningful activities.

We also aim to find something for everyone and will gladly try to source a product to help an individual as independence is important to us all.

Our website has been developed with individuals and groups in mind and will lead you and help you get the best from our products for people living with dementia.

Thank you for taking time to view our web site and products.


Please risk assess the suitability of all products prior to each and every use.

Use all products in a supervised environment where there is a risk to the user.

Whilst all products sold are made to last, repeated and aggressive use will weaken the strength and durability. Please check all products before each use for signs of damage that could be harmful to the user.

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