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Sweet Memories – Guess the Scent


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Scents can evoke some wonderful memories from the past whether it’s from days spent in the garden with friends, times spent at home cooking and baking in the kitchen with the children or bath time when the children were little.

As well as being a fun game to play, these scents can help to stimulate everyday memories and start meaningful conversations.

An ideal activity for both one to ones and small groups that wish to play as a team.

What you will need for this game

A little of each scent for the cards you choose in each game.

Almost all the scents for this game can be found in your kitchen, bathroom, shed and garden.


8 scent Pots

40 laminated picture cards

1 safety card / how to play card

1 host answer card

1 dry wipe marker

How to play

  1. Fill the 8 scent pots with your chosen scents from the collection of cards, making sure the lids on the caps are twisted shut.
  2. Using the dry wipe marker, number each of the pots one to eight on the underside and write down what you have put in each pot on your host answer card.
  3. Place the 8 cards face up on the table that match the scents you have chosen to put in the scent pots in front of the player(s).
  4. Then, one by one twist the cap of each pot to release the smell. Let the player(s) smell each scent and then ask them to place it on the corresponding card to which they think the scent matches.
  5. Once the player(s) have guessed all the scents and the pots have been placed, check the number on the underside of each pot to see how many they have guessed correctly.

After each game dispose of the contents in the scent pots and then wash the pots thoroughly. The host answer card can be wiped clean after each use.

You can increase the difficulty level by placing an extra card or two as red herrings on the table for players who like a challenge.


Responsible Adult Supervision is required for this product.

Please note: the actual scents are not provided with this game.