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Smell & Connect Sensory Conversation Cards


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Sensory Conversation Cards

• Increase engagement

• Reminisce

• Have fun

Start by reading the background story to your companion, looking at the photographs on the front of the conversation story card and on the corresponding scent card.

Lift the highlighted corner of the scent sticker on the scent card and peel it back about 2/3 of its length.

Smell the scent yourself before offering it to others. Inhale deeply but not repeatedly. Allow yourself a few seconds to absorb your own reaction to the scent.

Offer the scent to your companion, holding the scent card steadily in place for a few moments. Watch their reaction before commenting on your own perception.

Use the starter questions to discover what this scent means to you both. You can also use the images on the conversation story card again at this point.

Remember that the memories and associations of one person may be very different from another as scent memories are rooted in individual experiences.

The sticker can be left open to share the scent with other people.

Further word prompts on the reverse of the scent card help you to explore different associations. Try reading one or two out loud to find out whether they are relevant to your companion(s).

Each scent card can be used many times provided that the scent sticker is pressed firmly back into place at the end of each session.