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Halloween Themed Activity Bundle


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Get your activities going with this great bundle.

This pack offers some wonderful opportunities for times of reminiscence and social engagement with others and contains a selection of activities which can be used for one to one, small and large group activity sessions.

So, whether it’s a coffee morning with I little art therapy and a game of pairs, or an afternoon of playing bingo and enjoying a puzzle or two this Halloween themed pack is sure to have something for all.


Pairs Card Game – Halloween

This set of thirty A6 pairs cards depict images of Halloween. Perfect for evoking memories of this time of year.

Traditional and popular, this activity provides opportunity for conversation and is an ideal activity resource that help carers, family and friends spend quality time with loved ones to engage in a meaningful, person centred and focused activity.

Each pack contains fifteen pairs of picture cards and one instruction card.

How the game works

A game for two players. Each player takes it in turns to turn over pairs of cards to see if they match. You can manage the difficulty level by reducing the amount of pairs you play with at the start of each game.

Halloween Activity and Puzzle Pack

These activities and puzzles are ideal for people with dementia in promoting an association with this time of year. An ideal activity resource for evoking memories of times spent with family and friends. The activities and puzzles featured include wordsearches, name 6, word pairs, and many more.

These laminated puzzle and activity packs have been specially designed and created for people living with Dementia, disabilities and the elderly. Some puzzles are ideal for stimulating the memory, visual tracking and problem solving while others promote opportunities for conversation and reminiscence.

Included in each pack are four assorted non-toxic, low in odour dry wipe markers.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Large print A4 puzzles in Dementia friendly colours on cream coloured card for added clarity.
  • Puzzles come in quality laminated pouches with rounded edges for safety that can be wiped clean and free of germs after each use and can be used time and time again.
  • The puzzles and activities are designed with clear pictures and less detail so they are easier to manage.
  • Age appropriate and based on and around everyday life that people living with Dementia can easily relate to.
  • The unique design of these puzzles and activities enables the puzzles to be completed more independently by the person with Dementia giving a sense of accomplishment.
  • Each puzzle pack consists of sixteen laminated pouches with a puzzle or activity on each side (excluding the first puzzle which is backed up with the front cover). This enables the packs to be split up and used in different rooms if desired.
  • Each pack comes in a plastic wallet for easy storage.

Colouring Cards and Crayons Set

Set of twenty-five A4 colouring cards with fifty different pictures that all relate to Halloween. Pack of colouring crayons are included. With each picture set in its own border, this is an ideal and therapeutic activity for all abilities. The colouring cards are also suitable for use with felt pens. Pack includes a plastic wallet for easy storage. Ideal for photocopying.

Halloween Quick Pic Bingo Pack

This game pack consists of twelve A4 laminated bingo boards and twenty A5 bingo calling cards showing bright and colourful images related to Halloween. Sixty bingo counters and an instruction sheet are also included. Each game lasts approximately 15 minutes making this an ideal activity for people with dementia.

These Quick Pic Bingo packs have been specially designed for people living with dementia, learning disabilities and the elderly and can also be used to help promote learning in younger people. The unique design of these bingo style games enables the game to be played more independently by the individual. With its use of brightly coloured pictures, large bold words underneath and only five pictures to cover per game makes the game more manageable. All laminated pouches have rounded edges for safety and can be wiped clean and free from germs after each use.

A5 calling cards are also ideal as conversational prompts in a reminiscence type activity.